Monday, February 25, 2008


Welcome to my world of food!

Who I am:
  • A wife of 9 years to a swell fella
  • A stay at home mom to a quite handsome and loving 8 year old boy and a 5 year old daughter who has both beauty and brains. There is also Lola, the 5 year old white boxer who is probably the most popular dog I know. I have been told she needs to be cloned...she is THAT cool.
  • A photographer of families, babies, kids, couples, weddings, boudoir, and now yummy food.
  • A foodie in training
  • A friend to some of the coolest and smartest chics out there, no lie.

What I am Not:

  • Perfect in and out of the kitchen, I make plenty of mistakes. Just ask me about pink chicken.
  • A folder of clothes. Ok, I am...but that is my least favorite job.
  • Well rested, but that is part of being a mom...right?
  • A scrapbooker. Nope. I take the pictures for many scrappers out there, but I have enough hobbies for my money and time to go to. :)

Things I am Fond of and Simply Make Me Smile:

  • music-ALL
  • hearing my children pray
  • chipotle peppers in adobo sauce
  • ethnic patterns
  • oyster nachos from Fish City Grill
  • Pretty things (I am a taurus after all)
  • movies
  • photojournalism
  • 1940's fashion and attitude
  • lipgloss
  • vino
  • the ocean
  • spicy
  • white chocolate
  • comfortable shoes
  • breast cancer awareness
  • buttery popcorn
  • being barefoot
  • shiny sinks
  • cheese, make it sharp
  • hot french bread dipped in olive oil
  • olive oil
  • lazy Sundays
  • dancing with my husband
  • people watching
  • coffee from The Jupiter House in the town square
  • cooking blogs
  • homegrown tomatoes
  • sitting outside having a beer with my neighbors while the kids ride bikes
  • a cold Beer
  • having the time to read a magazine front to cover
  • spending summer days outside while the kids wear themselves out and I can read a book in a day
  • God at work
  • A night out with my purrrrfect friends. ;)
  • a martini loaded with olives, sexy music, the perfect outfit (you know the kind, makes you look 2 sizes smaller)
  • travel
  • Lazy days at my in-law's house with good food, good conversation, and the pool.
  • snuggle bunnies with my kids
  • photographing a couple truly in love
  • daisies
  • snapping fresh green beans
  • watching Lola go crazy in the backyard
  • my daughter singing in the bathtub
  • my son looking at me like I am the most beautiful woman in the world
  • a good hair day
  • listening to the memories and stories of people that have lived much much longer than me
  • the aroma of cooking and baking in a home


Luscious Linz Creations said...

YUM!!! Everything looks SO good!

Giff Constable said...

Love your food photography!

Side note: tried to subscribe to your blog's rss feed but it does not seem to be working properly, or at least my google rss reader is not picking it up and the normal url to the feed (blog url + /feeds/posts/default) is not working.

Kandice said...

I will look into that giff. :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

PhDgirl2b said...

I just HAD to look at your food blog too!! YOU ARE SUPERMOM!
I can barely cook a thing. Here's my sad peanut butter cookie story. I'll check back on your blog to see what suggestions you may have for treats harried moms can make for their children to take to school! (:
The Peanut Butter Cookie Story

I’m not sure if I’ve told this to anyone other than The Man, but I was reminded of it this morning…again. I often wish this story would just go away, but it’s in there forever.

So here it goes…

LM 1 was having a birthday and at pre-school, if it’s your kid’s birthday, you’re cool if you make some sort of ‘treat’ for the little ones to celebrate the birthday with the classroom friends.
Now, me being me, I would normally buy a package of Oreos and send him on his way.


I didn’t.

Hence, the peanut butter cookie story…

LM 1 LOVED these cookies that were given to us at Christmastime---peanut butter cookies, each shaped like a reindeer’s face with little chocolate morsels for eyes and mini pretzels for antlers, even a red M&M for a Rudolph nose…so stinkin’ cute. So you see where this is going, right?


Yup. I decided he’d bring these babies in for his treat. He was so excited--just elated at the prospect. I was going to be Wonder Woman. So, I do the shopping and I get prepared and I got the cookie sheets out and I got a bag of peanut M& Ms and weeded out all of the red ones (ate all of the green ones), got my peanut butter cookie dough, and started shaping the reindeer faces. LM 1 was helping. He kept saying how he couldn’t wait for his classmates to eat them and I could tell that he was just living large.

So, I’m thinking ---I got this.
I bake these guys up, add the morsels for eyes when they are just about baked, and get these red peanut M & Ms on for noses. LM 1 and I were sticking them on and pushing them in to make certain they stuck onto the cookies. I tossed out the batches that I burnt, cause you’ll have that…and we diligently removed these deer from the cookie sheets with a spatula when they were set. It ended being a late night as you may have guessed.

Delicately, I placed them all in a Tupperware container, each separated with wax paper to keep them from smooshing. At some odd hour of the a.m., I went to bed with a light heart and my mind at ease thinking that I had really accomplished the mom-thing. After all, the school is loaded with supermoms who handcraft gourmet pastries with their child’s name in calligraphy and favorite superhero stenciled on them. It’s a far cry from a package of Oreos and who wants to embarrass their kid?

The next morning, we pack for school and LM 1 is jibber jabbering about his reindeer cookies. It’s all about the cookie. And I’m proud if I may say so myself.

Off we go, big Tupperware in tow.

I drop him off and hand over my big Tupperware Moment to the teacher, who nods approvingly that I remembered to send something in for LM 1’s big day. With a hug and a kiss, I send off LM 1 into the room and tell him to enjoy his reindeer cookies. In a few hours, I’d be back to pick him up and surely all the kids would be talking about how cool they were.

Or not. When I pick up LM 1, Mrs. Teacher hands me my big Tupperware and asks,

“Mrs. Thinkursupamom, are these peanut butter cookies?”

“Yes, Mrs. Teacher.”

“And are these peanut M & Ms?” asks Mrs. Teacher.


Uh-oh. I’m detecting a problem. My cookies are still in the big Tupperware. Oh gosh.

“Mrs. Thiinkursupermom, our school has a no peanut policy due to the numerous peanut allergies children are experiencing. In the parent handbook on page 14, paragraph 9, we ……….”

I didn’t hear the rest. I was heartbroken, but my heart didn’t stop breaking there.

“LM 1 was very upset. He didn’t understand why…We had to give out some cheese nips that we had leftover….He cried…He’s okay now….”

LM 1 came out of the room and I squeezed him tightly trying to apologize, trying to explain allergies, trying not to look at anyone, trying not to cry, trying to make sense of it to a 5 year old.

We went home with our Big Tupperware.

The Human Food Blog said...

Love your blog! I'm a fellow Denton blogger. Check out my blog if you get a chance. If you like it, maybe we can do a link exchange! Beautiful photos :D

Holly B said...

I was googling tickle my palate to look for synonyms as I'm writing my Jittery Cook blog and lookie lookie, I found you. Very impressive. I never in a million years would have started blogging if I had bothered to look at blogs before plunging in. NEVER. I just started on a whim and I can't stop.
I love your blog. If you have a second check mine out.
All the best,
Jittery Cook