Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Are You Ready For This? Stuffed and Grilled Sausage Sandwich

This was so very freaking good. While making it I was drooling. Maybe not the healthiest thing but hey...it was worth it all.

The inspiration came from Rachel Ray's latest magazine. We pretty much followed it to a T minus the mushrooms and I used ff sour cream instead of yogurt. The scallions came from our garden. The sour cream mixture needed something else so I added minced garlic and a pinch of garlic salt. I also sauteed onions for the sandwich.

For the kid's version we let them roll out their dough, grilled one side and then let them put on their toppings then put back on the grill. Theirs was gone within minutes. Andrew wasn't huge on the crust (neither was I, see note at the bottom). But he came back for more sausage.

Also, while waiting for the bread to grill, we dipped salted tomato slices in the sour cream mixture. That alone was mouthwatering.

*Now for my note. I am going to start adding what I would do next time differently.
I will more than likely make my own dough or go to the local pizzeria and buy some dough.
This recipe also opens up a million ideas. Stuff with Italian seasoning and cheeses and make a meatloaf sandwich. OR grown up hot dogs with the crust stuffed with onions and cheese then topped with sausages and chili. You get the idea?


Janna said...

This sounds awesome!
Great pictures!

Janna said...

I just read your profile.
We live in Denton too.
You have a food blog...I have a food blog...
I think we were destined to be friends. :)

jb said...
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jb said...

I hear this guy makes some great stuff, but he is kinda new to the whole Internet thing:


Amy said...

Yum! I know you said that you would prob make your own dough or go to a pizzaria next time for dough...but can you tell me what you used for this time around?

btw, I love love love your blog..when I am in a cooking rut, I can always find great ideas here..and of course, your pictures are fabulous!

Kandice said...

In a can Amy. :)