Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wow...Where Have I Been?

Busy, that is what. Still making some great meals and trying new recipes in between my crazy schedule of photo sessions, editing, being a mom, etc. Last year I completed the Breast Cancer between training and raising money in addition to life, I put this blog on hold.

But lately I have had a few people (Facebook friends no less) ask me to revive my blog. I will try. Not going to promise anything. But I will attempt it.

To make me stay a tad more motivated, I will post my planned meals first. We will see how many get photographed. I will try. Pinky swear!

So, without further planned menu for the week...starting with last Monday. No fancy posts or pictures yet. Baby steps folks.

Monday: My darling husband made spaghetti and meat sauce while I was at my daughter's gymnastics class. It was yum with a loaf of bread. Bread is no good to my belly mind you. I adore it. Too much.

Tuesday: I finally made a wonderful Buffalo Chicken Chili recipe that a friend recommended. It rocked. Like a lot.

Wednesday: Panini of Smoked Ham, Provolone Cheese, Garlic Sauteed Mushrooms and Sundried Tomato Pesto with chips

Thursday: Make your own pizza night, but we will grill it on our Green Egg.

Friday: Hot son is having a friend over to spend the night. Keeping it simple!

Saturday: Taco night with the best margaritas in the world and a black bean salad.

Sunday: No Idea. Hubby and I will discuss since it is Valentines Day and we tend to fight over who cooks sometimes. We may compromise and make something together. Maybe get the kids involved. We will see. I am thinking a pounded chicken breast in a white whine/pepper sauce with fresh veggies and pasta. We will see.

Monday: Blue Cheese Turkey Burgers and a side of sweet potato fries and a salad of sorts.

That is all I have so far! Let's see how I hold up.


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