Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kandi's Breakfast Sandwich!

This sandwich has been done over and over. So I do not get an A for originality, and I can handle that. Because this sandwich makes me happy. Also because I have been sick and not been able to eat. I made my husband one before he left for work (because I rock like that) and decided to make myself one as well. Sadly I wasn't able to finish it simply because I am not ready for a ton of food. BUT, on any other day, that sandwich would NOT have stood a chance. At all. When you combine my 3 fave things, bacon, chipotle and avocado.....you can not go wrong. At all.

So here is my not so original recipe, but it makes me smile and it is pretty.

Kandi's Breakfast Sandwich!

bread to your liking and toasted

crispy bacon

a little bit of mayo, half of an avocado, and a half of a diced chipotle pepper in adobo sauce (more or less depending on how spicy you would like it) all mashed together

fried egg (or poached, up to you)....I fry mine in coconut oil

slice of your fave cheese

lettuce and tomato

Layer the way that makes you happy!


Now back to the sick couch and some hot tea for me. :(  Buh bye!

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