Monday, March 10, 2008

Poor Vampires

So, tonight I wanted to include my son in the dinner making "event". So after his homework of finding 3D shapes, he pulled out his Disney cookbook to find out how to make meatballs. He found the recipe (Mr. Incredible's to be exact)but we waited to start that. FIRST, we had something else to do.

We had to try to make Garlic Oil and Garlic Smash thanks to 64 sq ft kitchen. I used rosemary as the herb though because it is what we had. Drew had so much fun smelling the raw garlic and talking about it. My kitchen (and hair and clothes and hands and son and dog) smell of garlic still. The vampires will be sad tonight.
While the garlic and olive oil were in the oven we started on the Tigger Tail pasta.Other than assistance with ingredients, Drew was on his own to make meatballs. He read the ingredients with help from me and all by himself he mixed it (clean hands folks) and formed the balls. He was mighty proud.

With all of this work we used a jarred sauce (gasp) we got from Central Market with a few additions from me.

It was a decent dinner with some special time with my son (Jordan was sleeping during the prep, she missed out).

Now, for a photographic journey (even some black and whites.. a challenge for food):


Good Night


Rebecca said...

YUM!! That's great!

Nicole said...

Beautiful montage of the garlic! Wow and YUM! I need a new camera and to learn how to take decent pics, ha.