Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rockin Morning Meal

After taking both kiddos to their schools and returning to my son's school to drop off meds, I came home to a quiet house. First time in a week that I have not had a child with me. I was starving and wanted to use some of the left over french bread that we had sitting around. And since we always have a plethora of cheese in our fridge, I decided to grab that.

Pretty much you don't need a recipe...I used Wisconsin sharp cheddar, thick cut bacon from Costco, one egg, a couple slices of tomato and voila. The panini grill made it come together.


Dawn Endres said...


I'm drooling!!

Nicole said...

I just had that this morning too!! What a coincidence. So good! That pic makes me want to make it again for dinner, ha!

stacy marie photography said...

wow, Kandice! You cook TOO!?? And quite well! Great food photos!

Is that from your 85 or do you also have a macro? Love the border around the pic, too! Great job!